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NEX global temperature model

NASA Releases Detailed Global Climate Change Projections

06.09.15 – A new dataset from the NASA Earth Exchange (NEX) research platform shows several predictions of global climate change under different greenhouse gas emissions scenarios. The dataset combines historical measurements with data from climate simulations using the best available computer models to provide forecasts of how the temperature and precipitation on Earth might change through the year 2100. Read More

World Science Festival

Here, There, and Everywhere: The Next Quantum Leap

06.05.15 – NAS Division scientist Eleanor Rieffel joined other top quantum experts at the 2015 World Science Festival to help mere mortals understand the "weird world of quantum physics." Watch Webcast

Influential NAS Parallel Benchmarks Paper Selected for SC15 Test of Time Award

05.21.15 – The Supercomputing Conference (SC15) Test of Time Award Committee has recognized the 1991 paper "The NAS Parallel Benchmarks - Summary and Preliminary Results" with the SC15 Test of Time Award for this year. The NAS Parallel Benchmarks (NPB) were developed in response to NASA's increasing involvement with massively parallel architectures and the need for a more rational procedure to select supercomputers to support agency missions. The NPBs quickly became an industry standard and have since been implemented in many modern programming paradigms. Read More


Chinese Supercomputer 'Too Slow' to Compete in Race for Hypersonic Weapons, Scientist Warns

04.24.15 – A supercomputer used by China to develop a hypersonic space weapon was too slow, having a processing speed only a tenth of that of its American counterpart, according to a researcher involved in the highly sensitive project. Read More

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